Architectural Joinery

For over 20 years Creative Cabinets Architectural Joinery masters have striven for the perfect form.  Over 50 Australian design awards suggest they’ve found it.

At Creative Cabinets we have worked with some of Melbourne`s leading Architects, Interior Designers and Builders.

Our work is gracing some of Melbourne’s finest homes and our work ethic with our clients is one of teamwork and commitment.

We will work together with the designers to make their ideas a reality and fulfill the needs of their clientele.

Working with Architects and Designers gives us the opportunity to work with a wide array of materials and finishes. Our expertise in managing and working with quality materials in unsurpassed.

Here is a brief run down and explanations of what is available.

Solid Timber

Wood, that beautiful natural product that Mother Earth has provided to us and is timeless. Today it is forested from sustainable managed plantations.

2 Pack Paint


This paint and hardener mixed together and sprayed to give a wonderful hard flawless finish. Gloss, Satin, Matt and Zero are available.


among the most beautiful of crafted stones. It has been used for centuries and has adorned many a castle or mansion as well as timeless works of art.

Timber Veneer

This is real wood that is sliced from a log into thin pieces under 1mm thin. This method produces more yield from a log therefore more beautiful timber to work with. The beauty with veneer is in the different ways it can be sliced from the log, be in Crown cut, quarter cut etc but in the way those pieces can be arranged ( stitched ) to create wonderful repetitive or random patterns.


Granite is another of Earths natural stones. It is harder than Marble but still porous.


is an acrylic surface material made by Du Pont. It has many features that can lend itself to modern design trends. For more information visit

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