Designer Furniture

Designer Furniture and Custom Built Furniture is an integral part of our business.

Designer furniture, custom built furniture, bespoke furniture is an integral part of our business.

We can and do create handmade furniture for every room in the home. If you can dream it, we can make it.

Our award winning pieces sit admirably in our Melbourne clients’ homes and are a delight to behold and use.

Our process of manufacturing draws upon many years of experience. Martin Zanin personally selects veneers and timbers, using the natural beauty, the structure, the cut of the grain to create. Quite often he will cut and stitch the veneer to create amazing patterns and grain structures further enhancing this timeless sustainable resource we call WOOD.

All of our furniture is bespoke

(bespoke: an adjective to describe anything commissioned or custom made for an individual).

Our furniture can combine the beauty of Wood in either solid or veneer as well as the use of lacquers, waxes and oils to enhance the finished piece. We have also used steel, aluminium, brass, copper, bronze and powder coating to create wild and exotic pieces. Our works include but are not limited to Dining tables, Coffee tables, Side tables, Lamp table, Buffets, Credenzas, Bookshelves, Wall Units, Home Theatres, as well as standalone Art pieces. All to suit your individuality and grace your home with luxury.

Our Select Works

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