Designer Kitchens

Today the kitchen is the single most important room in the home.

It must serve a purpose as all things do, yet it must also be designed and manufactured to perform its task with ease, be functional and above all, it must have beauty in its form.

We create custom built designer kitchens for our clients in Melbourne with form and function at the forefront so they seamlessly blend in with today`s décor and lifestyle.

With many award winning kitchens under our belt, we are experienced at creating a custom built  designer kitchen to suit your taste, your lifestyle and your budget.

Martin Zanin will sit with his clients and discuss their needs, drawing on over 35 years of experience in the industry and as a multiple award winner. He personally designs their project working closely with the clients to ensure they are getting what they want. It is this one on one approach that has his clients at ease in the knowledge that the project is led by one person to ensure that the vision the client started out with becomes the reality of a beautiful finished project.

At Creative Cabinets we work with an array of finishes and choices are only limited by imagination. Our solid timbers and timber veneers are selected by hand and we carry quite a range of natural timber veneers in stock and our clients are encouraged to visit our workshop to view and select.

All are perfectly matched to ensure the continual look of the grain, the beauty of the wood to shine through. One of our pet hates is mis matched veneer. “It doesn`t take much to give a client a veneer job with matching grain “  It must look seamless in its beauty. Sure we can do shabby chic as well, as long as that is the intent from the beginning. It is all part of the bespoke approach to our work.

Gloss, Satin, Matt 2 pack is also a large part of our business. Once again we work closely with our customers to ensure colours work to suit their décor.

Thermofoil ( vinyl wrap ), laminates & melamine are other materials we use when creating custom built designer kitchens.

Benchtop surfaces for our clients can be from Marble, Granite, Reconstituted stone, Stainless Steel, Acrylic, Concrete, Solid Timber, Glass, once again only limited by imagination.

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